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[Suggestion] Address recent Gem Store credit/debit processing issues.


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Issue One: Error messages are displayed for an insufficient period of time. Over the last few days, when a processing error occurs the message displayed in red at the top of the window vanishes in under two seconds (under one second in most cases). "Unfortunately..." is about as far as I get. I can post video if anyone would like.

Suggestion - consider pushing the error message to the chat window.

Issue Two: Unable to process credit/debit transactions. The seventh of the twelve attempts I've made in the last few days was successfully processed. Subsequent attempts using the same saved information continue to fail.

Suggestion - contact Digital River and find out what the issue is. Consider using a different payment processing service. Consider giving feedback when invalid information is suspected. Consider pushing said feedback to the chat window so it isn't lost immediately per Issue One. Consider providing an alternate Gem purchase portal, perhaps on the GW2 site in the store there.

I'm trying to support the game by paying for add-ons but you won't let me.

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