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Wife and I are getting ready to do a full story run as a couple.The last time we did this we were both human (up until lvl 80 when I switched to my charr because I hate playing humans and It turned out I hated thief too).So this run up we are pondering if we should do separate races and do story together but not complete on each others unless we both have would have the same story instancing. That would mostly occur after our starting areas.So thoughts or suggestion for the best way to do this?

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It’d be easiest to pick the same race. If you want to make the “couple” angle part of your canon, I imagine some Sylvari are born alongside their lover. You could say your characters fell in love in the dream and were born together, and thus they stick close to each other and make decisions together.

Otherwise just pick the races you enjoy, but the story may take a little longer to get through. Doesn’t matter as long as you’re having fun.

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I would go same race if you can.

The question is, are you the more limiting factor since you don't like humans? Is there some other race that you could get behind playing and not hate?

If you can find a race you are both interested in, I'd say that is a win to keep it interesting and experience a different char®!

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So as an update...We have royally messed up our story some how...Our level 70 story consisted of:Forging the PactThe Battle for Fort TrinityLiberating Apatia

So... we basically "liberated" Apatia without ever having actually met her or doing her story.Anyone know why this might have happened?

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Happens to me and my wife all the time. Support was unable to help ( and seemed not to understand the problem). We figured out that you need to AT LEAST do the mission in the grove, where you choose your greatest fear, seperately. To be on the safe side you should do the same with Forging the pact.

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Oh wow, that's a weird bug. I definitely recommend submitting a bug report, they may not be able to fix it (I've heard trying to change your personal story can permanently break a character - which is one of the reasons we can't have race change) but they should at least be able to investigate and try to prevent it happening in the future.

For reference the step where you choose your greatest fear is A Light in the Darkness, which is part of the level 60 story (in between The Battle of Claw Island, where the island is lost, and Retribution, where it's retaken). The correct order after that is:

  • The Priory Assailed (Priory) / Critical Blow Back (Whispers) / Under Siege (Vigil)
  • Retribution
  • Forging the Pact
  • Striking Off the Chains
  • Wet Work
  • Willing Captives / Intercepting the Orb
  • The Battle of Fort Trinity
  • Liberating Apatia(That's if you picked "forcing someone to suffer" as your greatest fear of course, if you pick something else then the 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th steps will be different.)

I wonder if this is related to the time they took the Greatest Fear storyline out completely (apparently because someone thought the story was too long) and messed up the order of the whole Orr campaign. It was reverted years ago, but maybe some of the code is still hanging around.

I also wonder how many people have done the broken version of the story and never noticed because they didn't know how it's supposed to go.

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