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[Support Scourge]-[Pve]


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Yo,Im not used to post things on forum, i main necro since 4 years now, and since beta i saw too many bad posts about this new elite spe being useless at support and such.

So i worked on this :http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vRQQRBIfdG2JRvQZvYpNgbNA7NYpbw07pD1k60DYjFAo+AjgKAA-jRyGQBk7EA4Rlg1S53Q2foN6CAwTAIXHEA2oVIRq/EA4A44G34GHc8xHf8xH31Hf8xHf8xHf8xHXKA/mZB-e

The rotation is about build a perma barrier and output healing with transfusion.I admit the decay is annoying but keep in mind those barriers stacks with each others and the limit is 50% HP of the base HP targets, so u can litteraly give perma barriers on 12 players if u duo with a cute chronomancer.

Ok now about the build and the rotation :

Soul Reaping :-Soul marks is used with the dodge ability u get from blood magic (Mark of evasion) = 3% Life force 8 sec CD + Regen Boon (2k~ healing over 5 sec)-Vital persistence is obvious-Foot in grave when u know u need stun break and stability, otherwise u should go for death perception and gain 50% crit chance on F5 (16 sec CD - 6 Sec duration)

Blood Magic :-Ritual of life (This trait take effect once u touch a downed player) it should be used /!\ AFTER /!\ F4(Garish Pillar) which is chained to Transfusion (Call downed players at ur feet)
-Life From death is very situational, u need anticipate F5 cast cuz it has 6 sec duration before activating the trait effect which is 3500 healing (without count on healing output booster) + 10% revival pulse.If u know game mechanics u should anticipate high dmg peak and keep ur skills up to rotate like this :F1 --> F5 -->F4 --> F3 --> F1 --> Healing skill --> F1 --> F3 --> F1

U have to manage ur cast on F1 / F3 not using both at once, u able to avoid the decay if u chain them proprely (only for this rotation) If u want avoid a burst u have to chain F1 + F3 in same time obviously but that's an other situation.

Scourge :-Abrasive grit = might x2 and clean condi x1 = F1 / F3 / F5 - Healing skill and Serpent siphon utility-Desert Empowerment = Barrier = F1 only-Sand savant = All sh@des affect 9 Targets + 3 from urself which is 12 after some maths ^^

Thats all about the build, now about weapons and stats choice :

MAIN : Dagger / Torch = LF Regen from AA + Torch 4 and 25 might on torch 5 if used proprely (2x might per condis on target shared to 5 players without condis caps)Sigils = healing on AOE to 5 targets every 5 sec + 10% output healing

SECONDARY : Axe / Warhorn = Burst LF regen from axe 2 + Warhorn 5 + Heal AOE to 5 targets on Hit and Swap

Magi's : More life force regen / more HP / More crit rateCleric's : Power for the DMG obviously ( 7 to 10K dps on golem with realistic buffs not raid situation) / The healing stats as main and the toughness for the aggro thingy

About the skills now :

Undeath signet for the perma regen every 3 sec (Dagger 3 can put urself in combat if u need regen while out of combat)Shadow fiend for the DMG + LF regen every 20 sec + Steal effect from blood magicFlesh golem for DMG + CC + Steal effect tooThe healing should be Sand flare for the barrier build but u should go for well of blood if u feel better with 5x healing ticks (1200+) 30 CD over the 7k+ instant barrier with 25 sec CDThird utility is an open slot

If u guy got questions i try answer if i can ^^

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