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[OCX/NA][WvW][IoJ] Vegans Ate My Pony [PONY] - Looking for fellow social equines! 18+

jacobo two.3810

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Who are we?

Vegans Ate My Pony [PONY] is a new, small, all-inclusive, non-elitist, tight-knit Aussie/NA guild, based on the Isle of Janthir server. We take pride in offering a safe space to all fellow equines out there who have fought many battles and are still looking for a place to call home. That being said, we are NOT a brony guild, we are A FIGHT GUILD. In other words, a group of equines seeking blood in the mists.

Who are we looking for?

We are seeking highly social new/returning/veteran team players who want to join a fun community for the long haul, players who are willing to practice, improve, and learn from their mistakes. You must be open to the idea of running guild builds, switching builds or class, should this benefit the group at large; which in turn will allow you to contribute more to the team. We won't force anyone to do so, but it's implied that if you want to be part of the team, you must adopt that team mentality.

What we offer

  • Havoc/roaming 7 days a week 12PM (SYD), again at 7PM (SYD), and every reset;
  • PvE Raiding every Sunday at 12 PM (SYD) (Keep in mind we are a learning group);
  • Daily Evening Fractal runs;
  • Guild Missions every Friday at 7 PM (SYD);
  • A small yet highly dedicated and passionate team of Officers;
  • Helpful guild members;
  • A safe space for LGBTIQ+ and Female Gamers;
  • A beautiful "NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIGH!" as our salute;
  • WvW/PvP/PvE guidance in general for those who are new/rusty;
  • The opportunity to climb in rank for those passionate Ponies;
  • Random competitions with equally as random prizes.
  • A whole lot more...

Requirements & General Info.

  • Discord is our main tool for coordination, it is a must use for our guild members;
  • We run guild builds for our WvW comp, we expect you to be willing to use them if you want to be part of the core comp.;
  • Work together as a team;
  • A mic is recommended but not required;
  • All members must be 18+;
  • 100% Rep only required in WvW and during Guild Runs/Missions.


  • Have a fair go, give a fair go;
  • Be respectful to your guildmates;
  • Engage with one another;
  • Assist your fellow Ponies when they call out for aid;
  • A bit of trolling is fine but blatant harassment/abuse will not be tolerated;
  • We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to Sexism and/or Racism.

If this catches your attention, and are interested in joining, or want more info, you can contact us in-game:

Raid Leader jacobo two.3810GM/WvW Leader necromancin.2396HR Leader Shivanis.706

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