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(NA) Chocolate Chip Wookiee Dough is Recruiting!


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Welcome new members, to the exciting world of Chocolate Chip Wookiee Dough. Our handmade dough is filling and delicious - albeit a bit furry and temperamental. Only made from the best Wookiees this side of Kashyyyk!

Who am I?My name is Kat and I have been playing Guild Wars 2 for a little while now. The game hooked me in right away, though truthfully I initially had some trouble deciding on a class (Hey, we've all been there, right?) In the end, I chose a thief, because it's fun to run up on someone and stab them in the face. I mean, who doesn't love that?I have been a guild leader in every game I have played, From ESO to SWTOR to WoW, and some games that most people have never heard of these days, like Mythwar. I love running a guild because it gives me the chance to put together a family of my own - of the outcasts, the misfits, the ones who can never seem to find a place to fit in. It seems to me like every time I personally try to simply find a guild to join in whatever game I'm in, it's never quite what I'm looking for. It's either not active enough, or friendly, or the members only talk to each other to put together dungeon parties or to bash Taylor Swift.

What is my guild all about?We are LGBT friendly, newbie friendly, and don't allow any kind of hate speech or racism. Not even a little bit. It is a haven for all races, classes, colors and shapes.My goal is to bring people together and to have the guild grow just as the people do. I know first hand how intimidating it is to join a guild that already has all kinds of amenities that I wasn't a part of, and thus I end up feeling a bit excluded. I want us to all start from scratch together and create something wonderful that will last a long time.My plan is to start having weekly scheduled dungeons, events, get-togethers and all sorts of fun stuff. It will be a great place for us all to be creative.
The focus will be RP, PVP, PVE and Pie Making Contests.Yes, we will have discord and a website.

Who am I looking for?I am looking for friendly folks who are 18+, open-minded, helpful, and love having random conversations about which Star Wars is the best, or if Spiderman can beat the Flash in a fight. I don't want anyone who is elitest, or who gets off on bashing someone who might not know the game as well as them. That's not what this is about. Casual, friendly, fun.

So, if you feel that we will be a good fit for you, then message me here or in game. I'll be happy to answer any questions you have. Thank you!

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