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Fractals - Instability Mote


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I will create this thread here, because it is more fitting for a simple discussion.

Since the recent patch, many players very unhappy with instabilities. Many people say that it is more annoyance than challenging, Others say that rewards not worth the effort to complete Fractals under those new instabilities.

So, under this situation, why not make Instability Mote?It can be a simple design:All players can play Fractals, uncluding T4 without any instability. By the end of fractal, there will be simple standart rewards for all, daily and recommended chests, etc. This way, those who simply want to do fast Fractal Daily, can complete it with standart rewards. Also it will be easier for new players to farm materials for ascended gears.

But, if party will decide to use Instability Mote, all set of instabilities, depending on Fractal Tier, will be applied. By the end of Fractal, player will receive additional 1 Prestine Fractal Relic + 10 Fractal Relics for each of instability active. That means Tier4 will give additional 3 Prestines and 30 Relics.

This will make Instabilities, atleast, a rewarding content, but will leave choice for players not to use them.

As for 99lvl and 100lvl Challenge Mode, well it is challenge mode, instabilities will be apllied without asking, but, still, will give rewards =)

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