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Dwarven ruins under DR? (Mild spoilers, maybe)


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Back when GW2 first launched, what is currently know as the Crown Pavilion was instead a huge hole known as The Great Collapse. Those that were playing at the time may recall that there was even a narrow wood and rope bridge that crossed the chasm, and if you stood on it you could make out a bit of odd detail on the sides of the pit. I remember clearly that I saw something that looked like tunnels of some sort. What stood out to me was that they appeared to be upside down, with the curved part at the bottom of the apparent passage. Nothing was ever made of it though, and eventually the Collapse was filled in to make the Pavilion.

Now that LS 4-5 is out, we have access to a fairly intact dwarven ruin. If you enter and head towards the crypts, you may notice the designs of the walls. There's a place or two where the walls are recessed a bit, with the very same kind of "bottom looks like the top" design that was visible down in the collapse. From a distance, this could easily look like a tunnel instead, matching what I saw before in DR.

So, the question is: Is this a hint that there's something buried below Divinty's Reach? Will we go down there some day? Or am I just seriously mistaken/crazy?

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@"sorudo.9054" said:that place was originally the cantha part of DR but because of Chinese architecture mixed with japanese architecture they had to get rid of it just before release, making a hole in the ground is the fastest way to solve this.

Actually we don't know for certain why it was removed. We have the impression of a single developer who said (I paraphrase, but you can search these forums for a recent direct quote of it):

  • There were complaints from someone or someones about mixed architecture; the dev stated that it was claimed that "Asians don't like that." We don't know who or how many or what their role was.
  • At the last minute before launch (in development metaphorical time), it was decided (unsaid by whom) that the Canthan district needed to be removed.
  • Lacking time to do anything, they replaced it with a giant sinkhole.

It's curious because in Asia, we do see mixed architecture. And it's very unusual for someone to nix a substantive part of software just before launch, without a specific idea for what to do instead.

Everything after that is speculation, because the developer didn't know the exact reasons first hand and didn't speak very long on the topic. They were clearly upset by the decision, because apparently the artwork was good, if not very good. But if that dev knew exactly why, they were loyal to the firm and didn't spill any secrets.

My speculation is that it was one of those things that VP of firms sometimes do: they take over a project and want to put there mark on it. Like how Hollywood financiers will try to assert creative control over movies (and make them worse). So my guess would be that someone at NCSOFT had a personal issue, pushed it with ANet management, and they caved rather than get into a lose-lose fight that would have bigger ramifications.

The other possibility is that they were in negotiations already with KongZhong and someone there expressed concern. To avoid hurting the yet-unsigned deal, ANet gave in. And as we've seen with a lot of changes imposed by KZ on the Chinese version of the game, it wasn't a change for the better for the game or the players.

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There were hints before the Pavilion was built that there was something under the Great Collapse. If I remember correctly the workers around there claimed to hear strange noises coming from below. I seem to remember Anet saying when the Pavilion was created that it just covered the hole, it didn't fill it, which seemed to be leaving open the possibility of going down there/something coming up in the future one day. But as with everything I suspect it will depend on what kind of story they want to tell - I imagine there's lots of interesting ideas the writers have which never make it into the game because it doesn't fit with anything else.

Underground tunnels with possibly dwarven architecture under DR isn't that much of a stretch though. In GW1 players reached the Eye of the North from Kryta by going through tunnels uncovered by an earthquake: https://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Beneath_Lion%27s_Arch That tunnel started just north of (old) Lions Arch (so under the current city) but there could have been others.

There was also an absurdly massive series of tunnels leading from the Mausoleum in Majesty's Rest which used large parts of all the EOTN dungeons: https://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/The_Mausoleum I've never been sure whether that was canon or not, but if so it would definitely include the area under DR.

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