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Kung Joar.8167

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Hello! We are a small guild looking for players to run weekly raids with.

What we expect from you: Fully ascended gear, good understanding of your class, and a willingness to improve. Using optimal, food, builds and rotations is mandatory, there will potentially be a gearcheck or dpscheck before you are allowed to become a permanent member. We look for people with some raid experience ie, killed most bosses a couple of times and are looking for a more static-like guild to raid with. You do not have to represent the guild, we are moreso a raid group than a social guild.

What we can offer you: Experienced and friendly players to learn alongside and weekly raid clears. We raid at 6pm servertime on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. We are currently 20 players, in the 50-150li range. We are looking to fill another 5-10 more players so we can get consistant 10man squads on raid nights. We need more of all classes but preferably multiclass players. If you only play dps you have to have atleast one power and one condi build ready.

At first you will be set on a trail period of a week or two, this is to sift out people who don't attend raids, aren't wholeheartedly trying, are not willing to improve.

If you are interested or have additional questions send a mail or whisper: Kung Joar.8167 or Emilzyka.5291

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