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LFGuild on Fissure of Woe (PvE, casual player, GMT+1)


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I've bought Guild Wars 2 a couple of years ago and enjoyed my time then, but eventually I looked for gaming elsewhere. Lately I've begun playing my Mesmer again and got her to lvl 80 and just casually enjoying the game. I've encountered a player from a guild which I thoroughly enjoyed playing with (guild was Exodus of the Elder Dragons).Now my question/request is two sides, on one hand I enjoyed that encouter with that player, I asked if I could join his/her guild but the GM wasn't online or something like that. So if by some chance a recruiter of that guild is on the forums, great! Any chance of me joining?

If not, I'm also cool with another enjoyable guild. I myself am mostly just usually quietly enjoying the game, but fairly social. Any guilds that got a spot for a player like me?If anyone got any questions, feel free to ask 'm.

Thanks for reading this blob of text!

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