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PVE FB 3rd ascended armor set


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So I have 3 full ascended heavy armor sets, a pvt on my guard for wvw commanding, marauders on my berserker warrior for zerg surfing.

The third set i speed built of my marauders recipes with intentions of converting it all.

This third set i want for PVE POF Firebranding my guardian.

What stat combination do you think I should build out? I was thinking at first Trailblazer like my chrono/mirage due to it being so viable for wvw roam, pug zerg and PVE content. However burn guard isn't a mesmer and I am not overly confident toughness is worth setting in since she already has a wvw armor set. Though her current setup is fairly weak in the 1v1 scenario. I wonder about slotting healing power or even going hybrid power/Condi.


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