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[OCX][NA][WvW][PvX] Vegans Ate My Pony [PONY] - Aussie/NA Guild LF for highly social team-players


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My fellow PONY denizens. Let out that whinny, unleash your inner [PONY], and embrace the NEEEEEEEIGH! as we traverse the bloody battlefields of WvW, carving out a name for ourselves, and collecting those juicy bags filled with useless shit.

You will never see us tag, and you will never see us coming. We are the Brumbies of the night. We may look majestic, but we will roflstomp you into oblivion without a second thought, then bray and whinny as we swiftly ride off into the bloody mists of the battlefield in search of more... More... MOAR!

For we are Vegans Ate My Pony [PONY]. We are a fight guild.

We're a small, all-inclusive, non-elitist Aussie/NA guild with primary focuses on WvW (Isle of Janthir), PvP, and Raiding, with future aspirations to branch out into PvE (once we have the officers). We're looking for fellow Ponies in search of greener pastures to fill our zergbusting, roaming, raid, and PvP parties, for Pony like shenanigans. There is no need for experience here, just the drive to be the best PONY you can be, the passion for your chosen class, a chill disposition, a working mic., and following our guild builds to the letter (if you're planning on doing WvW).

What we Offer

  • The opportunity to climb in rank for those passionate Ponies
  • A fully fleshed out Discord
  • A safe space for LGBTIQ+ and Female Gamers
  • A beautiful "NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIGH!" as our salute
  • WvW/PvP/PvE guidance in general for those who are new/rusty
  • random competitions with equally as random prizes... And more.

WvW runs are MON-SAT from 12PM and 6PM, SUN from 6PM.Raid runs TBC_Times are Sydney based_

Msg me with any questions and/or for further info.Necromancin.2396

Note: Vegans need not apply... Y'all are EVIL! Oh... We're not Bronies or an RP guild ^^;

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