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Beast abilities - trait interactions


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Hi,I have noticed something strange, the beast abilities traits -"go for the eyes" and "Beastly warden" can be double up regardless to ICD, if you use pet F2, change to beastmode and use F3.This can't be done the opposite way( start in beastmode and after using pet F2), also it won't work with the "invigoration bond" trait.So what do you think? Which is the intended mechanic? I like the idea that beast abilities traits ICD is separate for beastmode and pet, it's another little incentive to use both forms.

Also, I think that all the beast abilities related traits, ("Live fast" included) should work on beast skill activation(like beastly warden in normal form), these 2 changes will open up some very interesting build options. OFC they will have to add ICD to "live fast"(5-8 sec) to prevent skill cancellation abuse.

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Noticed seperate cooldowns for pet beast ability and player beast ability

As for Live Fast, actually, I don't think and ICD is required as long as it follows these criterias:

  • Change description to something along the lines of "Beast abilities grant fury and quickness to the caster"
  • The beast ability will apply the boons to the pet when unmerged and to the player only when merged, much like any other beast ability traits

But with that they'll DEFINITELY have to fix the horrible quickness bug on pets.

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