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Permanent idle animation


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I played EQ2 and FF14 a while back where they had the option to do change our idle animation permanently, or rotate between a select few. I felt that it gave my character more personality when she leaned back and crossed her arms like a boss, or rested her hands on her hips. I dunno, I liked it a lot. If I could swap out the "fragile girl stance" with the "constant brushing of the hair" I would. Was wondering if anyone knew of a way to do this or not.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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i'd LOVE for gw2 to have more poses, or personalities as they call it in ESO, like hero personality, thief, asassin, happy, countess, they all affect idle animations, walking and a few others. it would give our chars a lot more of well... personality XD but i don't see the devs aring much about it by now.

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