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[PvX][NA][NSP][Semi-HC] New guy LF Fun/Friendly Guild.


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Hello I'm Chrisk,Server preference: NSP

Play Type Preference: PvP mostly. (I'm workin on the PvE stuff..)

Player Style: Between casual and hardcore. :D

Active Time: Whenever I'm not working or playing DnD. (:

Voice preference: Discord only pls? :D tho i don't talk very much, I basically talk when i'm talked to.

GW2 Mains: Engie, Ranger, Rev

I've played alot of MMO's in my days, grew up on them. Runescape, MS, WoW, BDO, WildStar. You name it, and i may have played it. And i normally get like max level and stop playing. Except WoW and GW2, I'm fairly active on both, WoW mostly for just PvP with my friends (2s n 3s. :D 2200 monk main baby). GW2 for when nothings going on, but recently I want to make the change to GW2, seeing as i'm getting bored with WoW, and it costs money. I'm Still a little shaky with GW2 PvP, and i'm clueless in GW2 PvE, but hopefully joining a guild and having information thrown at me will help teach me, ya know?

Some stuff about me. I'm 22, 23 in October. Done with school. Work on call/At Home. Live in NA. Live with the girl. I have a Cat. I <3 my rig. 5"3. i work out(Gainz). I Vape (Smoant Battlestar, with a Smok CBK.). I go to Cons. I enjoy challenges/Enjoy playing the harder classes in games. I would like to say I'm nice and cool, but thats really not up to me to determine.

This is also my first forum post. :D

TL:DR: PvP boy wanty to joiny guildy, hes new and is willing to learn PvE as well.

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