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need tips for Power Player


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seriously, I cannot figure out the trick behind this achievement.Once any crystal has 3 charges it spawns a veteran.So, we kill the veteran near a kill a crystal.HOWEVER, this doesn't seem possible without killing other adds first. thus charging the crystal fully before the veteran is dead.So, we draw the fight away from the crystals, and try to get the veteran to low health and then use some CC like Wild Blow to knock the veteran back at the crystal, in order to kill it there.HOWEVER, aurene has no intention of letting the fight go it's course, and will keep driving enemies towards the crystals to fight them there.

How do people kill three veterans at each crystal, without cleaving any adds, and being faster than aurene killing the regulars?I know the trick is to only get a veteran within the circle, but Aurene's aggro is making that quite impossible

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Don’t kill any adds in the circle.Use all pulls necessary to kill them outside the circles and use brand shards to increase 1 crystal at a time. Vets usually spawn every other wave after incrementing the charge by one or two Brand Shards. The vets move slower than the other adds, so kite it and cleave the rest down if you have aggro, if Aurene has small add aggro, kite/pull/push the veteran into the circle and single target kill it. Rinse and repeat.I had no problem with my Greatsword wielding power Reaper.

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i did the achievement with second try with a ranger soulbeast with a Iboga pet. So basically you stay merged with your pet to not share the aggro with your pet, kill some mobs far away from crystal with Aurene help, let Aurene to fight some away from veteran, use some shards to fill until you spawn the veteran, go get the aggro on the veteran quick, damage him (Condi damage works good) then go in the circle when he is low hp and unmerge with the pet and use fast F2 pet skill to pull the veteran in the circle, then kill him there quick. Be sure to use single target dps (I used daggers) because some mobs will always come to you...

You have 2 charges to fill the crystal after the veteran spawn and you want to kill the veteran inside the circle if you want to succed the achievement, if you need one more charge to fill the crystal completely, just kill a random mob inside there or just trow a shard. All you need to do is to kill the veteran inside the circle without filling the circle before he dies.. He needs to die inside. 3x crystals = 3x veterans, 1 per crystal needs to die inside.. The achievement is not very hard, you just need to play safe.

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Can someone explain the mechanis on this one? Just did the story step for the first time. And I thought this should be easy. But I failed and I read the info at the wiki and Dulfy's guide. And going to try this again later once I replay the story.

What I do not understand: Why do you need to kill regular branded outside of the crystal range? And why exactly do you need to kill the veteran near the crystal? I did not see a timer and I thought you could just kill enough near each of the 3 crystals to fill it up.

Or is this there only a fix amount of mobs so you'd need to split it evenly between te 3 crystals? Or does it check if 1 vet per each crystal is killed? (But some people in the comments near duly mentioned that it was possible without the vets. I mean ... if you can kill normal mobs to fill up the bar.)

Pretty weird and unclear from the description/mechanics.After reading all those info I do not understand the exact conditions.

Edit: Nevermind. It actually mentions the "veteran" in the description. Didn't read that at first.

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I did it on my second try by rotating to the next crystal after an ogre spawns and tried to kill him on top of the 0% charge crystal. That way if I killed other adds it wouldn't be a problem since I have to get that crystal to 50% too to spawn the next ogre.  Went really smoothly, only tense part was the last (first?) crystal because it was already at 60% charge when killing the last ogre.

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