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LF casual and social guild [NA] [PVE/WvW]


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so i recently got back into gw2 after i got PoF on sale. I've been trying to get back with my old guild but they have really changed and nothing like how that was before so I thought I would try and get in a new guild and meet new people. I am trying to find a casual and social guild that treats everyone with the same respect and not just officers or people who have been there longer but everyone.

  • I mostly do pve things, mostly atm map metas, map completion, stories, achievements, etc.
  • I kind of want to get into more hp/masteries/bounty trains since i have a lot of achievements/mastery points to get still and i have one of each class that need some hp from HoT still since anet made them group only for most of them.
  • I also would like to get back into fractals at some point but am low on ascended gear so that might be a future thing.
  • also, i dont do any raids, at all, because for me they are not casual friendly.

*for WvW, I am on HoD server. I am kind of interested in going back to it but kind of hard to pug there sometimes for when i can actually get on.

most of all, i want to play to have fun, not to have a second job, not to role play like im in the army with "stand here, dont speak, dont breath, dont do nothing without my permission"

thanks for reading, i hope you all have a good time playing in tyria.

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