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Damage on Symbol of Vengeance is bugged


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Symbol of Vengeance is the axe #2 skill available to Firebrands. Currently it is bugged and only dealing about a third of the direct damage it is intended to do during symbol ticks.

Testing conditions:Target Golem - Medium (2322 armor).2375 power (valkyrie amulet, + a rune that provides 175 power).4% crit chance (all strikes recorded were non-critical hits)

Working as intended: GreatswordSymbol of Wrath total damage (tool tip): 622 x 5 = 3110Symbol of Wrath/actual total damage: 701 x 5 = 3505

Currently bugged: AxeSymbol of Vengeance total damage (tool tip): 506 x 5 = 2530Symbol of Vengeance/actual total damage: 521 + 173 x 4 = 1213

It seems that the first strike of the symbol does regular damage and the following symbol ticks only do 1/3 damage. If we multiplied 521 by 5, we'd have 2605 damage which corresponds to what the tool-tip damage states.

Image linksSymbol of Vengeance damage: https://imgur.com/d5NbaHLSymbol of Wrath Damage: https://imgur.com/zXozMdO

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