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Can't figure out Hollowsmith


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Here's my build, it works well. There's some room for more defense in it but here's the general idea:

  1. Chain Radiant Arc>PF into starting combat. (Shield to breakbar first if applicable) Use Jackal if you anticipate a difficult enemy, your health will stay full well through step 5.
  2. Holo Leap>Corona Burst>Dodge through enemies (Mine Trail)>Holographic Shockwave>Photon Blitz.
  3. Should be at 50 heat now. Use heal if health is not full (-10% damage taken and topping off for Scholar runes is the main goal here).
  4. Prismatic Singularity>Laser Disk>Blade Burst>Corona Burst.
  5. From here things are usually dead, but Photon Blitz should be off cooldown pretty soon and you still have Prime Light Beam, Barrage, and Hard Light Arena if things get sketchy.
  6. Once you get up to ~145 heat you can drop PF, Radiant Arc>Refraction Cutter>Grenades 2, 4, 5. I rarely need the Grenades. If you ever (accidentally) auto attack with sword try to at least finish the chain so you get RA/RC back sooner.
  7. If things are still alive, or more has been aggro'd, PF will be back down to ~100 heat soon so go back into that.

That's the general idea, throw some dodges in there (more Mine Trails!) and adjust to your own liking. Barrage is really nice but I use grenades so little in open world that if you wanted to use Spectrum Shield for more defense that wouldn't change much. Also Aim-Assisted Rocket could be changed to Big Boomer if you value the Vitality. I also usually use shield for breakbars, but obviously it has great defensive capability if you're in a jam.

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I would not describe my rotation as "pop into forge and use whatever abilities then drop out". Use that +15% damage buff!

One of my favorite parts of Holosmith is how build defining the GM traits are. Downside of that is until you get them Holosmith cannot be played what I will call "correctly".

At least the HP's in PoF can be solo'd pretty easily. If you add me to your friend's list I would be happy to help you get a couple of them this evening (PST) so you can try the real Holosmith, not the Hollowsmith :smiley: .

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