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[EU] [PvE/PvP] Echoes of Legend (EoL) are recruiting, join us!


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Echoes Of Legend (EU) (Aurora Glade) is a new guild created by myself (Jake) on the back of my previous guild FEAR. Due to changes in server and many of our members migrating we thought it best to start fresh. A few of us have moved over from the previous guild and are looking at making Echoes of Legend a guild based around PvE and PvP primarily with a side-focus on WvW. Personally, I have found it so hard to find a guild that sticks, a guild that makes me want to play and join in socially. I kept finding guilds that were full of hundreds of people and just felt bloated, but there was no heart! That's why I decided to build my own guild again from the ground up!

What are we offering you as a guild?

A friendly + sociable enviroment for players

Complete support for our members i.e. crafting material donations or help with achievements

Seasoned guild leader who has been playing for 6+ years

New focus on PvE which you can help to define, create and possibly LEAD

Requirements for joining?

Friendly players as we have no room for abusive or unacceptable behaviour

Please be able to speak English or the other languages listed above

Rep the guild as much as possible

Be up for a laugh, Guild Wars is a game after all. Let's make sure it's fun!

One of my main objectives of starting the guild anew - is to find players who have a balanced gameplay style of both PvE and PvP. Down the line I would be looking at having dedicated Commanders for PvP and PvE retrospectively, so that there are leaders in both aspects of the game.

All in all we are hoping to create a medium sized guild filled with very sociable and friendly members. Although we are daily players of GW2 we don't want our guild mates to feel pressured into constantly being on everyday and will continue to have a laid-back but active approach. If you are at all interested message or mail me in game. In game name is Jakee.9560

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