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Project calendar

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Hello guys,The idea is simple: let us create a training calendar! The goal is to get a basic for everyone and to reach as much players as possible.

What's needed to reach the goal?

  • motivated teachers!
  • topics
  • time
  • feedback
  • structure
  • ideas to prove different basics
  • videos (ofc self-made or if you record someone else with his permission)
  • ts/discord
  • and at best getting popular (so more people can support us/ the project)

Even if you have no time to teach, you can help on collect topics, spend gold for arenas (/motivate teachers), spread the idea, ask mates if they are interested, go to a lesson and give feedback, provide a discord/ts server free for the project, or create pictures/memes (like about how to not do things).

If you want to try you out as a teacher, start with creating a topic and break it down to a max 30min. Theory part (+questions) and ask after your training for feedback.

And cause it's about teaching basics for all, you should ask/ remember the players at the chat before you start the lesson.

At best we find a lot of players that can work every week once at the same time (or more), but on my case everyone is welcome, even if you can help only once a year ;)

Eg. For the calendar: i have time on 15.1. from 2pm. to 5pm. My training is about meta, after that i help on optimise the buttons at least we chill on unranked or private arenas.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day :)

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