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Finally got to PoF content, but plagued by crashing app now.

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Hello everyone. I've been a GW2 off and on player since beta. I've recently returned and completed the LS between HoT and PoF. I completed the PoF prologue, got to Amnoon, and now have been crashing almost every 10-15 minutes. I have never faced this issue and it's incredibly frustrating as I've enjoyed the story thus far. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated. Here's the first paragraph of the crash log as well as my computer specs.

--> Crash <--Exception: c0000005
Memory at address 0000028d`12b25000 could not be writtenApp: Gw2-64.exePid: 1044Cmdline:BaseAddr: 00007FF75A980000ProgramId: 101Build: 94619When: 2019-01-14T17:30:41Z 2019-01-14T11:30:41-06:00Uptime: 0 days 0:00:40Flags: 0x1

I can send more info if needed.

MSI Z97Intel i5-4690K (not OC, liquid cooled.)16 GB RAMAMD R9 390

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