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wvw ranks


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@saye.9304 said:

@"Bravesole.2684" said:It will take you a very long time to get to 10,000 but good luck.

10,000 OMG, i like to have goal in mmos i play for example: hitting rank 50 pvp in eso which will take around year playing 2 hours a day , but rank 10000 is just crazy and it will take years, i think it is just absurd

After about 1500 is not necessary. Unless fashion wars is your goal. Then the last goal currently is 2000 which allows you to get the most shiny WvW legendary armor.

Around 1500 is the last rank which allows buffs to your time in WvW (ie suplly carried, dmg vs guards etc)

After 2000, each 1000ish ranks allows you one more pip per tick.

The actual breakdown is here: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/World_Experience#World_ranks

Each ‘metal’ change is a pip increase per tick. (Bronze, silver, gold, platinum, mightily, diamond)

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@saye.9304 said:what is maximum wvw rank?? i am currently 350, i want to know haw far i can increase my rank. is there cap or is it endless??

It used to be unlimited but ANet reduced it to a cap of 10K per account now. You will continue to get level up chests after 10K but will no longer get increased rank or WvW ability points. if you want to get a high rank then I suggest you join a wvw based guild that offers extra WXW Xp guild booster & recommend (when it's available) the Candy Corn Gobbler (Halloween gemstore item 300gems) that can give you 50% buff to track rewards and wvw XP. There's also +10% WXP inscription you can buy for amulets. And you'll struggle to get ranks roaming or scouting so best to join your commander+zerg at peak times to get increased ranks from kills/caps.

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@Safandula.8723 said:

@saye.9304 said:thanks for the information guys, i will go for 2000 to get wvw legendary armor.

You don't actually need to be rank 2k for the legendary armor, just for the shinier one :]

Now u can get the shiny fancy armor from 100 lvl of pvp. Duration it takes is way to shorter

Not the same armor with tentacles out of the back.

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