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Question about GW1 dps meter mod and its legality


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First, I apologize about making a GW1 post here. I just don’t know where else to ask.

With so many recent posts about changes in rules, I was wondering if there’s any change in the GW1 dps meter mod, called toolbox, I think. I found it to be an excellent tool for helping me to improve my builds and my heroes’ builds. Currently existing in-game methods aren’t useful at all for testing builds and the toolbox proved to me that the in-game methods I was using to make awesome builds actually resulted in some spectacularly terrible builds.

I read that the toolbox accesses data it’s really not supposed to, and it also has a lot of other features I don’t know about. I don’t know if Anet stills condones the use of this mod.

If the answer is no, by any chance will there ever be a personal dps meter add-on in the store for GW1? I’d definitely pay money for such a feature in GW1. An official tool that let’s me see my dps and my heroes’ dps would be very helpful. Some of us still enjoy playing GW1. :)

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