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Missing Leaderboard entry and missing reward - PvP League Season Fourteen (potential Bug)


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Hello everyone,after creating a Support Request one week ago that did sadly not resolve my issue the support suggested that I should open a forum-thread regarding my issue.So here I am..

The PvP League Season Fourteen ended on 08.01.2019 and I managed to get a skill rating of 1663. (EU)According to the leaderboards I should therefore have a spot in the top 250, because the player that is on rank 250 got a rating of 1657.I have played 132 Games within that season and had 0 decay at season end.From what I heard the minimum requirement of played games is at 120, in addition to this I see some people with even less played games (compared to me) that managed to get a spot in the leaderboard.

Due to these facts I should be on rank 247 and should have received the title "Merciless Legend" - sadly I did not receive it.Is there any other reason that I did not receive the title because - as far as I know - I met all the necessary requirements.

In case that someone (perhaps a developer?) wants to get more information I can provide the support ticket with the corresponding screenshots that explain everything.If someone else could give me some explanation I would appreciate it as well.

Thank you very much and kind regards

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Hello,Thanks for the response!When I hit top 250 I was temporarily listed (on rank 237 with 1663 MMR, I made a screenshot of this) .Then I did not have more time to play, I was out of top 250 for a short time afterwards as far as I remember.

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