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Beleive in Hope - Living World Season 4 Fan Trailer


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That is really beautiful! Of course, I'm blowing my nose at my desk and hoping that my co-workers don't think I'm nuts. Again. :D

I have a question: How's the audio balance between voice and music? You see I believe my headphones are quirky and often I have trouble with hearing dialog or the spoken voice over music. (When I watch CSL feeds, I can barely hear myself or my guests.) While I watched this video a few lines were not loud enough for me to hear but I believe this probably is fine for other viewers/listeners. What did others think -- is the sound balance ok? (And yeah, I really need to ask for help on the headphones, for this wouldn't be the first time I've had trouble hearing dialog mixed with music!)

Thank you so much for sharing this @NovaInfuse.7864 !

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Very nice trailer.

@"Gaile Gray.6029" If you mean the line at about 1.39 minutes in the video as example, I can barely hear what's said too... Sounds like mumbling with voice inside the mouth (or how to phrase that). In general I can understand the mayority of the voiceovers and characters voice. I had no issue with the balance in combination with the music along. If your music isn't balanced with the spoken sound you may have to center the balance of your headset in your pc sound options.

If on a win 10 pc/laptop: right click the sound icon (next to the time and language on bottom right of screen), click on "sounds", in tab "play" you will see your speakers, right click on the speakers you use, choose "properties", go to tab "levels". Click on the button "balance". Make sure the L and R channels are on the exact same number.

The names between brackets may differ a little since I don't use an English version of windows so I had to guess a little. I am also not a technical person but saw someone with a similar issue on the internet and just checked where he managed to find his fix and translated it to windows 10 :) Hope it works for you :)

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