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I realized something


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@Randulf.7614 said:They are completely dissimilar. It clearly works for them, but campaigns were set adventures that started and finished as stand alone games. Seasons are continuous, episodic stories.

You kinda had to know the background to understand the campaigns. Like IMO you couldn't go from Nightfall to prophecies. You'd miss out on some of the story. I think that the episodes provide the amount of content

I am not saying each epsiode is a campaign I'm saying eachs eason is

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The seasons are the very opposite to campaigns in every possible way. There is absolutely no correlation between the two and with the greatest respect, i find myself a little baffled how seasons could possibly be thought of in that way (esp as i preferred campaigns to the episodic, season format)

Nightfall, cantha and prophecies stood apart. There was a poor attempt to link them all via Abaddon at the end of Nightfall, but otherwise you never needed to play one to understand the other. Canon had each story as a different hero due to the way each started ( yes one toon could do all, but that was more a gameplay convenience thing)

Ls4 starts immediately where the final scene of PoF ends. LS3 literally bridges HoT and PoF. That is an entirely different structure to the campaigns and the story flows continuously from one to the other and through the expacs.

Only the personal story shares any resemblance to the gw1 campaign packs.

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