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Potential Visual UI Bug - Domain of Vabbi

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Because I was mid-fall, I was not able to report this bug in-game.So I'll be using two screenshots I did manage to take to show where/what happened (I apologize in advance if the images are too huge, they're 1 to 1 screenshots from the folder.):

POTENTIAL VISUAL UI BUG:Date stamp: September 28th, 2017 - 3:45PM EDT

Name of Map: Domain of VabbiMap Zone: Yahnur Plateau

Character name: Ivy EmberfallLevel: 80Race: NornProfession: ThiefParty?: I was not in a group at the time.

Description: The lines are depicted in screenshot 1. They are -very- thin lines and are seen off-center to the right of my character.

How/When it occurred: I was standing on the highest cliff point designated by the red arrow in screenshot 2, from here, I jumped off the cliff and started gliding downward while occasionally holding the back key to maintain the descend straight down. While this was occuring, I noticed a strange visual bug (I assume it's the UI, based on the lines being probably connected to the purple visual borders of the Branded lightning strikes.) while on my way down. When I reached the bottom, the lines were no longer visible.

Disruptive?: This does not disrupt game play in any way, shape, or form.

SCREENSHOT 1:gw197.jpg

SCREENSHOT 2:gw198.jpg

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Yes, just to make sure I'm also having this problem (and possibly many more players).Just to add some details about my case, if this helps in any way: I'm running the game at 2560x1080 ultrawide 21:9 aspect ratio.Please, let me know if PC specs or graphics card driver info would help identifying this bug/glitch. I'd be glad to post mine.It's happening not only on Domain of Vabbi map. It seems to happen wherever there is a frame like "Fury of the Brand" debuff (while fighting one of the Legendary Bounties on Desolation map, it also happened, white frame).Took some screenshots as well, please check the following imgur album link.

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