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[Thunderhead Peak] Stacking entities, aka somebody's been playing too much DotA

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There are two separate entities that have a tendency to spawn in a single spot.

First, there are the Veteran Ice Wurms near History's End Waypoint, and the Rhoban Heart quest. There is a designated spawn point on a cliff above the Deldrimor Garrison POI where a large number of these Veteran Ice Wurms will appear, right on the same spot. This causes other spawn points to be barren, and becomes hilarious when they start fighting the Champion Riftstalker during the event to reclaim the dig site (okay, not so hilarious when you're a melee build).


Second entity are the "Corsair Supplies" for next to the Scorchrazor III POI. There is one spawn point towards the bow where multiple instances of the interactable item appears.


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