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No longer possible to complete 'Hunted' Jahai Achievement

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It requires too large of a map population. People cannot complete both cargo collection achievements because there are simply not enough people on the map, combined with the way it's advertised. Most people don't realize there are 2 events to complete since they are so far apart you don't receive the notice at the same time. So they complete 1 and leave. You only get the Hunted achievement if you complete both AND THEN the event that spawns only if both are completed. With such low population, you don't get enough random people doing each to complete both, and organizing a PUG to do it is impossible since pugs follow the tag and there isn't enough time to do both one by one.

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These two events are easy to solo. First, you have to realize that the supplies can be stored in your bag and bank. Farm about 60 of them when the events occur but don't turn them in. Split them into two piles of 30 each. One pile kept in your bag and one kept in your bank. Carry one portable express bank access in your bag. When the events occur again, immediately turn in the first pile in one event. Then, open up your portable bank access and withdraw the second pile. Run to the other area and turn the other pile in. Bravo, success.

Also please realize that too many people doing the event is not good because the events will scale up and the number of supplies you need to turn in increases.

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@aspirine.6852 said:Try doing ley line events.. 100% fail if you dont have a group. And you never will since nobody likes to do them :D

Actually, you should join a guild for achievements. In another thread, Vayne mentioned that his guild helped another player even though it was not something he needed.

His isn't the only one. Lately ours was taking everyone through every single bounty for achievements. When you get a few folks together sharing stories and laughing, even grinding Rose quartz isn't so bad. I recently finished the leyline achievements by getting our guild to do them after missions and before raid.

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