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Recent computer slowing revving?


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Hi this is a generic question to see if I am missing something obvious I can do to help with this issue.

(I don’t have access to my specs/gfx etc, on mobile currently)

Backstory: comp hasn’t changed in years, used to play all the time and have been playing again for 1+ month. No issues previously, would only hear my comp “revving” when it was a huge open world thing or what not. I am not a comp savvy person who knows how to post logs or even what the different performance/usage options mean past the basic stuff. The only change lately has been me spending time on the LSW3 maps, as I came back after these were released and just got caught up to them. Are these maps more intense than HoT or PoF/core Tyria?

Any troubleshooting tips would be great. Basically is there a cache I need to empty? Or some other maintenance aspect to do semi-regularly? I know my comp was always well above recommended specs for the game and it runs fine with most settings high, aside from this new issue. My internet speed tests are normal for what they usually are and there is no other draw on the bandwidth than before (when it was fine).

TLDR: new onset slow downs/CPU rev’s. No system changes, no internet changes. Any commonly known solutions?

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Sounds like you might have a dust problem. By a canister or two of compressed air, open your case, and carefully clean it. Blowing too much will liquefy the moisture in the air, so avoid that. Be sure to check any air filters and fans. It is often easier to remove any component with a built-in fan and de-dust it outside the case.

You can also clear out the GW2 cache; there are directions at the Knowledge Base (click on Support up above, then type in 'cache').

Windows has several utilities that clean out software 'debris' which are accessible via the control panel. "Free up disk space" is the search term you want.

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Let us know how things are once you've done the 'usual'.Since your opening the case anyhow, it can sometimes be useful to "reseat" components, e.g. removing and reinstalling the GPU, RAM, and various cable. Stuff gets loose or might see something wearing out.

On my last previous computer, Guild Wars overheated the data cable for the hard drive, since input/output was massive. The computer itself never got that hot, just the cable (might have been a cheap on or might have been tucked in too close to something). Whatever it was, it loosened the connection just a tad... which resulting in poor data transfer (and the machine had to work harder to keep up). I even had to toss the drive because the plastic from the cable had melted onto the 'teeth' of the connector and I couldn't safely replace the cable.

The point is: just about any component can die off and symptoms are often generic. Checking the usual is always worth doing before looking to more 'interesting' causes.

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