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Cleanses and Resistances @ WvW


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Hi, I'm getting into GW2 and learning a thing or two. I see myself WvW like a mofo once I choose a main class. so I'm reading lots but need to ask you all that been WvWing for years:

  1. What class has the most cleanses and resistances? (I read WvW has got more and more conditions oriented and I enjoy constant dispels or cleanses in other past MMO lives. Not necessarily to inflict debuffs and conditions but to keep my self cleansed of conditions during pvp).

  2. What class has the second larges amount of cleanses? (if 1 and 2 have similar skill cleanses and ressitances effects and cool downs what differs them? Aside from cleansing and resisting I like to be able to inflict a heavy burst and potentially kill one person, or maybe self heals too. I don't care much for AoEs, group heals, bleeds, glass cannons, animation cancels, group buffs, well you get the pic, I'm sortta a one man show that can take a punch and be able to kill a single target if I wanted to. mainly a 1v1 perferably melee type player.

Thanks much.

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Warrior has decent cleanses with Cleansing Ire and the weapon swap clear, and you can hit 100% Resistance uptime with boon duration (just be mindful of boon corruption).

After Warrior, Druid probably has the most cleanses, but it isn't a bursty class. If you have PoF, you might be able to come up with a Shadow Arts Deadeye build that would be bursty and almost completely immune to conditions, but Deadeye isn't really melee.

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