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Aurene in loop. [major spoilers]


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I've been wondering about something what nobody seemed to wonder about, or am I just missing something, maybe? But I've got a theory that doesn't involve hope, love, happiness, but dispair, hatred and sadness.

1) Aurene consumed the Joko's magic2) Aurene died having Joko's magic3) Aurene's magic didn't release4) Kralkatorrik left Joko's and other entities' magic inside of her.5) Caithe lost the connection with the current Aurene6) Glint said that hoping is dangerous

So my theory is that Aurene's doomed to be dying neverendingly, unless somebody consumes her all magic, and she will die, because she won't have Joko's magic anymore.

Aurene cannot just return, because Kralkatorrik will sense her, and hunt her down.

Joko's magic gives her an ability to ressurect, but what is the point of ressurecting, if she dies anyway, because Kralkatorrik won't rest until he doesn't kill her.

What if that is the way Kralkatorrik wanted to NOT fulfill his prophecy of the world without him? He could just simply consume her magic, but he didn't on purpose, to keep his nemesis alive, as Awakened.

Aurene won't be able to hide in one place, Kralkatorrik will just go after her, branding all Tyria, waking up other dragons, nothing will survive, and Aurene will be just standing, again ressurected, among this devastation, dying again, and again and again, seeing this horrible vision ALL THE TIME!

Rising, dying, rising, dying...

What if there is no hope for her anymore?

Zephyrite Choir made me thinking, those lines "Rise Up" "Take Flight", the song of hope, praying for Aurene to ressurect, even before she died... The sadness in those lines (it's actually in b-minor)... It's like singing of hope, but being hopeless...

The Mists are shattered, Kralkatorrik is alive... where will Aurene go now? Both worlds are being destroyed...

Purifying her out of those magic won't help too, because she will return to the state of being a little dragon... She will die anyway...

That's so dark, but if I would be a writer at Arenanet's, I would have written such scenario...


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@Arden.7480 said:3) Aurene's magic didn't release4) Kralkatorrik left Joko's and other entities' magic inside of her.You sure?

I mean, why wouldn't he take her magic if he could? We didn't see the moment of her death, thus couldn't what Kralkatorrik did to her, why he didn't brand her; and if she still had magic, then there'd be no reason for Caithe's crystalline flowers to wither IMO. When Zhaitan and Mordremoth died, though their link faded, their minions did not lose their corruption like Caithe was. But their magic wasn't stolen either, it slowly leaked out of their bodies.

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