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Upgrade - both expansions included?

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I am sitting here looking at the store in order to upgrade my ancient, 13 year old GW1 account to a full GW2 account to enjoy all the benefits.

I have a full account of GW2 on another account that I bought and linked to a different email in light of my old GW1 account being stolen and linked to GW2. You can imagine the headache it was getting that back when they were demanding I supply them with the GW2 CD key on an account which was stolen from me (since I didn't apply the GW2 key, obviously I didn't have it).


I got my account back, and want to play GW2.

So instead of trying to get them to switch over, I need both expansions anyways. I am looking at the store and selected the "Standard Collection". This then presented me with an option to upgrade. I choose the "Ultimate Collection".

Now in reading this, it seems to state that it includes everything EXCEPT Heart of the Thorns despite having "upgraded" from the standard collection (which contains both).

Am I simply overthinking it and will receive both expansions when doing this?

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