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[NA] Looking for a PVE guild to chill and have fun with? WHAM BAM look no further! [Life]


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Heyo! Pursuit Of The Virtuous [Life] is recruiting! We are a pretty chill group of peeps who mostly focus on PVE content with a little WvW mixed in (we are on Darkhaven).

We have Guild Holiday events as well as a Guild Event Day every Sunday. Guild event days are ran by the leaders and officers. The content for that event is voted on by guild members! Our guild also does fractals regularly, both high and low tiers for those who are just starting out.

We do not have a rep requirement, but would prefer if you rep us during events. We use discord and are very active on both voice and chat. So even if you are not doing things with the guild you can still come on and chat. We also have branched out into other games and have channels for them as well.

If you have any questions or are interested in joining please whisper/mail us!Leaders: Axl (Anthonyaxl.2481), Oley (Oleyenka.5094)Officers: Ceno (Cloriana.2685), Zak (Zakonel.6817)

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