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Looking For: WvW Guild and Helpful Community

Godking Ares.9380

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I am a returning player with little experience. Need some guidance as I navigate the game again. Primarily focusing on WvW right now as its' very entertaining. Prefer solo roam and scouting role. Main is a Thief and slowly learning Staff Ele. Don't know too much but am eager to learn. 23 Years Old & Mature. Playing daily after work (5:00PM EST.)

(Canada / -5EST)Age: 23Looking for a WvW dominate group that are willing to help whilst having funRoles: Scouting/Roaming -- Learning Zerg play with Staff EleGame Experience: 2/10Reliability: 6/10Patience: 9/10Availability: Daily

Friendly to drink and blaze groups ;)

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