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[LFG][NA][PvE] Semi-Casual Veteran Player


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Hi! I've played a lot of GW2 in its early years, taking a major break before Fractals had its overhaul. I've returned on several occasions to play through HoT and Living World episodes, but I had not had the opportunity to participate more in Raids and play through the new Fractals content. Back in the day, I consistently speed cleared the dungeons (without bug exploits) and did the old fractals on a daily basis with my old crew. I also used to play a lot of GW1, especially farming the elite missions (Underworld, Fissure of Woe, Domain of Anguish).

I'm looking for an active, social, friendly, and mature guild that caters to semi-casual players like myself. I enjoy gradually improving my game play so I feel more accomplished in overcoming more difficult content. I'd like to eventually get acquainted with my fellow guild mates than feel like I'm in a glorified party finder guild. I work best in a positive environment that focuses a lot on game play than one with drama and toxicity.

I typically play open world when I play solo, working on masteries, achievements, etc. I'm mostly interested in learning how to do Fractals again, but I'm willing to dedicate time to make preparations for raids if needed. I've made it to Gorseval on my last raid attempt with an old group (disbanded due to schedule conflicts).

I main a Berserker Guardian (Dragonhunter spec) with full ascended gear. My other professions have been leveled to 80 manually before we had boosters, so I have a general idea of what they can do. However, I haven't played much with the other elite specializations yet. If needed, I'm willing to swap professions to optimize party comps for raids. I'll just need time to practice and make gear/food preparations. Also, all my relevant masteries are maxed for PvE content.

I usually play between 7PM - 12AM CDT. Discord is my preferred medium for casual chat and group content coordination.

If you think I would be a good fit for your guild, please provide some details about your guild and let me know how I can contact you (or any of your guild recruiters) if I'm interested. Thank you for your time! :)

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Hi Lightrayne!

Midway [mWAY] is looking for members!

General info about us:

  • New and returning players welcome!
  • Casual & Laid-back: Real life comes first
  • Play on NA server during AUS/SEA/OCE timezones (although we have 1 or 2 token NA players who are active during our time).
  • PvE-focused: Story Mode, Map completion, Dungeons, Fractals, Guild Missions and soon(!) Raids

We are a somewhat new guild, about a month old.Currently up to around 50 active members with plenty of them online on a daily basis, usually at least 12-20 people at any one time.We intend to stay a reasonably smallish guild. Quality rather than quantity.Since we are reasonably new, people are still getting to know one another but we are getting more active and social each day.Just claimed the new guild hall last Sunday!

We have lots of new and returning players, as well as skilled veterans who are happy to help out with content.We also have a lot of GW1 veterans (I often feel like I have really missed out on GW1, as they talk about it often!)Most of our members run fractals & dungeons daily, who are more than willing to teach, and we are currently gearing up for raids.We have an active discord used for general communication, as well as group content coordination, such as missions, dungeons etc.

Our times might be a bit off for you, as we are an Aus/SEA guild, however your active times are during our days so there is a good chance that people will still be on for your time.I know times can be a pain but feel free to give us a shot!

Feel free to message me in game if you're interested!

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