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Proper Uninstall/Reinstall of the game

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So I've been in contact with support because my client is always crashing and their recent reply was to have a fresh uninstall/reinstall of the game only to find out Guild Wars 2 isn't event on my control panel to uninstall.Then I remembered I just copied my Guild Wars 2 client from my laptop, didn't really properly installed it.

I tried the "-uninstall" command line but it shows no internet.

So how do I properly uninstall the game? Can I just delete the files? Are there more files I need to delete beside the gw2 folder?

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The following post is only relevant for windows OSPrograms often have more folders than the main folders found under the programs folder for storing information. If you truly want a clean start I recommend also removing these following folders:

-Hold down the windows key and press [R], in the text box type in "%appdata%". A new window will open for your roaming appdata. You will see a folder named "Guild Wars 2", delete this folder

-Hold down the windows key and press [R] again however this time type in "%temp%". A new window will open showing temporary files stored on your computer by various applications. There will be a folder named gw2cache{bunchofnumbers&letters}, delete this folder.

There might me more folders that I have missed. If you have not tried it already you can try just removing the gw2cache and see if that fixers the issue before doing a complete reinstall.

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