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Fashion is nice but what about your naming skills?

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And now for something completely different.We all know how much some players dedicate their time to make their characters stand out from the crowd with their looks. However, few players actually take their time to give their characters a fitting name. Most players name their characters after themselves, other video game characters, and some just decide to use random drivel just so they can get out of their character creation screen. And here is the real problem: What good is having a cool looking character if their stupid name ruins the whole effect?I however give all my characters creative names that fit their theme, so in a moment I will teach all those players using a lot of xoxoxoxo's and IIIIIII's in their character names on how to do it properly. But first, while it's rare there must also be other players out there that like their characters to have proper names, so I encourage you to post them here and explain their meanings to everyone as I will. Also I will already tell you that not all the names I use are equally creative, however they always fit my character based on their profession and/or race.And my account name has nothing to do with how I name my characters, nor does it have anything to do with "Dota" as I never played it and I was called that long before it even existed, however it does indeed originate from a game I played.

And now let the big reveal begin, starting in order of their creation:

1) Female Human ~~Meta~~ Necromancer - Shiki LilithShiki has many translation from japanese, I picked it for the one that means "Death Spirit."Lilith however is the name of the mythological first wife of Adam, who is said to be the mother of all demons. Lilith is often associated with "Lamia" who are often depicted as vampiric creatures, which in turn often depicts Lilith as the first vampire. So a fitting name for a female necromancer.

2) Male Charr Engineer - Kikanchou ByakkoKikanchou simply means "Chief Engineer" in japanese. Easy to understand why I picked that right?Byakko however means "White Tiger." Byakko is also one of the 4 symbols of the chinese constelations often called the White Tiger of the West. Since Charrs are "cats" it's a fitting name for a Charr.

3) Male Norn Warrior - Hrólfr RagnvaldssonNamed after Rollo Ragnvaldsson who was a Viking and first ruler of Normandy, Hrólfr is simply the old norse spelling of Rollo. Norn are in many aspects based on Vikings and their savage nature fits the Warrior class perfectly, hence his name fits both the race and profession at same time.

4) Female Sylvari Ranger - Alseid ChrysopeleiaThis is probably one of my best if I say so myself. Although the name is more based on the race rather than profession, however Sylvari fit the Ranger profession the best since both relate to nature. But enough ranting.Alseid is a sub-species of Dryad i.e. Wood Nymphs. The Alseid are Nymphs of Groves - you get where I'm going with this right?Chrysopeleia was a Wood Nymph who's oak tree she dwelt in was in danger from a nearby river, she was rescued by Arcas who built a dam to protect it. For that she became his lover and bore him 2 children.

5) Male Asura Mesmer - Rahu YuthapaAnother name based more on race than profession, however the mythological Asura have several powers that fit a Mesmer such as casting charms and possessing others.Rahu is the severed head of the the Asura Rahuketu who managed to drink the the nectar of Gods Amrita and thus became immortal, but before he could swallow it Vishnu cut his head off. However, it was too late as he was already immortal though now in 2 pieces, so his head became Rahu while his body became Ketu. Rahu is now a celestial body known to swallow the Sun on occasions thus causing eclipses.Yuthapa simply means "leader" or "to lead" in sanskrit, the Asura-Yuthapa are simply Asura leaders who command lesser Asura.

6) Female Human ~~Meta~~ Elementalist - Youso MegamiProbably my least creative name, but still fitting.Youso means "Element," while Megami means "Goddess," so the full name simply means "Element Goddess."

7) Male Human ~~non-Meta~~ Guardian - Zhuge Liang WolongNamed after Zhuge Liang a famous Chinese politician, military strategist, writer, engineer and inventor, from the state of Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms period.Wolong however was his nickname which ment Crouching Dragon. Truth is I wanted to give him a slightly different name, as someone beat me to Zhuge Liang, but the alternative that I wanted to use required 20 characters while we can only use up to 19 :/ so maybe if ANET changes that I'll change the name then. But anyway if you want to know how awsome this person was then you can watch a really good movie from 2008 - 2009 titled "Red Cliff" however if you do then I advise you to watch the 2 part version which full length is nearly 5 hours in total.

8) Female Human ~~Meta~~ Revenant - Carman AptrgangrThis is also one of my best.Carman or Carmun was an evil warrior-woman and sorceress who invaded Ireland with her three sons, Dub (darkness), Dothur (evil) and Dian (violence), and used her magic to cause an enourmous blight.Aptrgangr is a creature from norse mythology which translates to "again-walker" which is an alternate name for the Draugr who in turn are often know as Revenants i.e. someone who returned from the dead.So yes Carman is a fitting name for a Revenant as being warrior and sorceress she fits the Revenants heavy spellcaster class theme, while Aptrgangr is synonymous with Revenant.

9) Female Human ~~Meta~~ Thief - Sophia BlyuvshteinNamed after the famous Russian Master Thief and Con Artist Sofia Ivanovna Blyuvshtein, also known as Sonya Golden Hand - I don't think I have to explain why I picked the name do I? If you believe in "love conquers all" you obviously have never heard her story. As love was her ultimate undoing, she fell madly in love with a man named Volodya Kochubchik who simply gambled away all her "scores," forcing her to take more and more risky "jobs" which eventually led to her capture - sad.Anyway yes I named her Sophia Blyuvshtein because Sofia Blyuvshtein was already taken so I decided to use the english spelling of the name - no big deal.

Right, so that's all of them, now how about all of you who are reading this? Do you put as much work in naming your characters as I do? Or do you just wish to get out of the character creation screen as quickly as possible?

NOTE: I notice some players don't understand what I ment by "drivel." By that I was refering to names that have random letters added to them just so GW2 accepts them like IIIII Maximussss III - thats drivel. And I'm also not saying it's wrong to name your character after a character from another game, but the thing is we are all players here and obviously we play more than just GW2. So obviously if you try to name your character after Mario, Lara Croft, Solid Sanke, Shepard etc. there will be 1000+ other players who will try the same. So what I'm saying is there are so much more sources of inspiration you can get your names from. So don't get offended, just get creative like you do with your fashion, you don't want to look like every other person you meet right? So why would you want to be named like every other person? ;)

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I may be misinterpreting it but your first paragraph comes across as very condescending - reducing any name which does not fit your personal standards to "random drivel" or a stupid name copied from somewhere else. It almost put me off replying at all. Firstly because its insulting to a lot of people, including some of my friends, who like using 'stupid' (or as they'd call them 'fun') names for their characters. I may not do that myself but I like seeing them and I think as long as they're not breaking the rules they can call their characters whatever they like. But also because it makes me feel like you're sitting there ready to judge anything we do post and declare it acceptable or not and I'm not sure I want that kind of judgement over what I choose to call my fictional characters in a game.

Especially because it can be extremely difficult to tell what's a meaningful name and what's just a collection of sounds which look good together unless someone explains the meaning. For example if I tell you I have three female sylvari, a blue one called Astrilaria, a white, black and pale green one called Bethe Arian, a grey one called Lyolyok can you tell me which of them is meaningful and which is "random drivel"?

But at the risk of being declared unacceptable here's my permanent characters. (I'm not going to go through all the temporary character names I've used because I'm not sure I could remember them all, and even with the ones I can it would be a very long list.) My first priority is always to pick something I think looks good, but I like it to at least appear lore appropriate and it often describes something about the character to me, even if it's just their colour scheme.

Danielle Aurorel - Human ranger - Danielle is just a name I like. Aurorel is a combination of the Latin aurora and Quenya elen, so it means 'dawn star'. (It could also be star light, but I prefer dawn star.) She almost always uses the A Light in the Darkness title. I've used this name in most western RPGs, and occasionally in other forms of role-playing for about 15 years now.

Alleria Wildrunner - Sylvari elementalist - Yeah, this one I stole. But I stole in back in GW1 and now I'm quite attached to it. Alleria Windrunner was one of my favourite characters in Warcraft 2, for some reason I was still surprised that the name was taken, I thought a minor character from an expansion pack to an old RTS would be relatively obscure, I didn't know The Other MMO had loads of references to her. (And yes I know she should really be a ranger, but I wanted to use the name and wanted Dani to be my ranger.)

Ilex Hedera - Norn engineer - its the genus names for holly and ivy. I've always liked the word Ilex and I thought it'd make a good character name, but I first used it in GW1 so I needed a surname and thought Hedera - ivy - was a logical addition. And yes, she does wear a lot of green.

Wraith Darkblade - Charr thief - This one is pretty self-explanatory. A wraith is a kind of ghost or spirit and Darkblade is a fairly typical charr name. Blade is the warband name (they all use bladed weapons), dark is either because of his black fur or because he tends to sneak up on his target from the shadows.

Xexxi - Asuran guardian - Just something I came up with which sounds like a lore appropriate asuran name. I originally wanted Xixxi but it was taken so I changed a letter, and now honestly I don't think I'd change it back even if I could.

Bethe Arian - Sylvari mesmer - She's white with black markings and a pale green glow, so I named her after the silver birch tree. Arian means silver in Welsh and Bethe is an old Irish Gaelic word for birch.

Vanirar Corvusson - Norn Necromancer - Vanir are Earth or nature gods in Norse mythology, rar is a name suffix I found on a site about Norse names which apparently means 'warrior', Corvus is the genus name for ravens, crows, magpies and numerous other birds and son is, well, son of. So it's 'Earth-spirit warrior raven son'. He's an orphan taken in by the Raven lodge in Hoelbrak and trained by them, but he chose to be a fighter rather than a sharman.

Aurhedyn - Sylvari warrior - It's slightly mangled Welsh for gold seed (or shrub) - named after his colour scheme, which is all golds, oranges, yellows and a bit of red.

Uncia Snowfur - Charr revenant - uncia is the species name for snow leopards (Panthera uncia) which is the cat her fur pattern and colour is based on. Snowfur is therefore somewhat redundant, but I like it and it fits the charr naming scheme.

Ambage - Asuran engineer - It's an archaic word meaning an unnecessarily long-winded or complicated explanation. Which is perfect for an old asuran professor.

Akkedis De Rinkhal - Human elementalist - His story is that his family were among the last to escape from Istan before Joko took over. I wanted to call him Rinkhal Stormbringer in honour of two of the distinctive characters from the island in GW1...but that's 20 characters and the limit is 19. Rinkhal was always going to be a nickname, not his real name, so I shifted it to the end and went looking for a first name. I can't remember how I even know Akkedis, which is the Afrikaans word for lizard, but I like it and it suited him and it's kind of appropriate because unlike the real-life cobra GW1's rinkhal monitors have legs, so they appear to be a kind of lizard. (Technically it should be Akkedis die Rinkhal, but I thought that would be misread as the verb form of dead.)

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The main thing I like about @"Rikimaru.7890"'s names is that they are evocative. I wouldn't know the context of any of the names without the scorecard (so generously provided above). And many of the names make me wonder about the backstory of the name (if not of the character) and how they came to be called that.

I also like people with non-canon names, including the obvious ("Who" "What"), the anachronistic ("Bob From Accounting", "Sad Panda Hero"), the punny ("Winston Charrchill"), the meme'd ("Not So Much" for an asura), songs ("All About The Boons"), and so on. (None of those are my names, by the way; just names I like.)

My own toon names are a mix. I have plenty of silly ones. For canon names, Sylvari are translations of phrases/words into Welsh, Scots, or Irish. Asura are likewise (but other languages). Humans tend to get names from fiction (books, movies, etc). Norn & Charr... well, I love the idea of playing those races, I just don't like fashion for charr or voices for Norn, so I don't have enough that I worry about names.

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If someone chose the name for their character it doesnt "ruin" the character for them. Its all very subjective. I, for example, find a number of your character names at least somewhat off base. Choosing a name based on real world interests or elements which dont fit in game racial lore seems just as bad as a character named Drizzt, Goku, or SexxxyBeast to me.

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From a realist's PoV: No one is going to know anything about or care about even half those name, only if it's difficult to spell or remember or if it's of topical relevance.

From a personal PoV: I hope more people utilize the naming system to make the usage of titles in names less scoffed at and allow people to use more common names (because common names are common for a reason) rather than feeling obligated to drag as much obscurity from the dredges of the internet to feign depth in naming conventions.

For transparency: I'm actually quite terrible at naming characters (in games and past created works). It's fine. Some people have a nack for making even non-names into cool usage too which is less of a talent for naming but a product of ingenuity and charisma.

EDIT: I'd applaud you for your capable names (as they certainly are very creative) but you seemed to have done that enough yourself. I personally have less patience in trying to create names and likely will come up with better names long after initial creation.

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Randulf Rawhide (norn warrior)Used in all my fantasy games from video games to tabletop rpg. Wanted something for my Lotro Dwarf that also fitted a macho theme for another toon in Anarchy Online. Randulf is almost always a warrior, barbarian or dwarf (he has been a Luchador and a Big Game Hunter with an elephant gun in the past too)

Goliath Bill (noble human ele)This name I use widely too and have done for 10 years or so. I have no idea how it popped into my head, but it sounded cool so i ran with it. He exists as an ele in gw1 too. He is neither big nor is my name Bill (nor do I know anyone called Bill). Why the name popped into my head is a mystery

Orpheus Argonaut (human guardian)A meshing of mythological sources

Prothero Dragonhide (sylvari berserker)I wanted something to fit a fire and dragon knight theme. I forget where Prothero came from. I remember looking up myths/dragons but that is all

Latronius Wolfe (sylvari daredevil)Inspired by an excellent book - Latro in the Mist by Gene Wolfe.

Voice of Heston (human reaper)Originally my dervish in gw1, i use a similar look and hack n slash style so reused the name. Yes I like Charlton Heston films, esp his Moses portrayal. Being in the desert, my char being in Elona/crystal desert resonated thematically there.

Viktor Belmont (asura engineer)Castlevania inspired, albeit in name only. I should have use it for a diff class tbh

Dr Gregor Buckaroo (norn engineer)Surname taken from Buckaroo Banzai. Somehow Gregor fitted the giant, moustachioed macho norn look. Dr was just flavouring

Oliver Rawhide (human ranger)He was originally a riff on Oliver Queen/Green Arrow as i was enjoying the tv series when i made him. I reused my mains surname as it fitted nicely

Titus Augustine (noble human mirage)Titus taken from one of my favourite books (Gormenghast). Think i even gave him the purple eyes to match his namesake. Augustine popped into my head as something that complimented well with what i imagined his bsckground to be

Eddie Gold (human ele)This came out of nowhere. The Ballad of Eddie Gold was an in-joke in an old guild based on a misheard name pronunciation in real life. I forget the full background, but regardless, the name seemed cool enough to use.

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Fatal Dark - NecromancerBee N Tea - RangerDjinn Ji Nier - EngineerThe Book Doctor - GuardianOoffie - ElementalistVapid Pastiche - ThiefSvart Vreid - Revenant

These are the best names ever created in the history of all naming. Let your hearts fill with envy and wonder at the greatness before you. Though you may never reach such heights, go forth and be inspired!


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I just wanted my character's name to sound right to me, so after thinking for a while i came up with the meaningless name for my only important character, Snuglock Grinnjaw. people get to call me snug ingame.I also have an ugly bootleg samus(from metroid)-lookalike character named Budget Samus. Nothing to explain.and an edgy thin norn named Yung Norn. Surprised that wasn't picked before, just found it funny. He's an ele, so he can spit fire at u.

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Slightly off-topic, but here's some of my favourite silly names:

Carrymeimsmall - asuran thiefColin When Its Rdy (bit out of date now, but still funny)Daenerys Chargaryen - charr revenantLoyal Salad - sylvari, with the loyal titleI Am Mr Fabulous - huge, pink nornNuke the FridgeSir George ClooneyIt Was Not A Dream - another huge, pink nornDont Notice Me Pls - human thief (with an interesting approach to stealth)Themissinglynx - lynx themed charrSuid AfrikanerMinsk And BooTheinternetWin Rar

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I have an explanation for a few of my characters.

Prince of Angels Human Necromancer/Reaper. Wanted a heavenly/celestial/Disney Prince theme for a Reaper, like if Prince Phillipe had Maleficent's powers or something. Had other ideas for his name, but that one stuck out most.Prince Malcolm Human Berserker. In my headspace, Mal's supposed to be Angel's twin brother.Marshall Forde Human Weaver. Would you believe me if I told you I named him after the Seraph captain you have to save from a giant spider in Harathi Hinterlands? https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Captain_MarshallWarmaster Vexx Asura Berserker. I honest to the gods have no idea how to name an Asura character, so like the idiot I am; I named him after the machine race from Destiny. Also Magic Nose Goblin was already taken.Silenzio Trevelyan Human Daredevil. Another victim to my naming foolishness, this time from my Inquisitor in Dragon Age: Inquisition.I named my Norn Ranger Vilkas Iron Wolf because I play Skyrim.

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This question comes up now and then in these forums. I'm not going to post 25 names here with long explanations of them since I've posted it all before. I'm in the camp of making it a name you might see over an NPC's head, ie lore appropriate to the culture of the character (and to their rp background, because if they were born and raised in LA they might not stick to normal conventions when naming their kids, or they could have chosen a name to use that is not their birth name). I've so far kept all my Sylvari to one word drawn on Arthurian naming patterns, my Asura to one word with double letters in it (sadly I did have to go with two syllables on my male asura Froblekk), my Charr to typical warband naming patterns, and my Norn to Old Norse words drawn from an Old Norse dictionary to get meanings I like, then mangled slightly to get spelling and pronunciation I can handle. None of my characters are named for someone else's fictional character, though I did make a Keyroy Jenkins once for a key run ...

The only exception is one Norn named Altdragg Splitstack, who was Altdrag Splitstack in beta to help me remember how to, well, split stacks. A few months after launch I decided to make him for real and the name was taken -- either someone else came up with the idea independently or saw me chatting about it in Map and in forums -- so I added the second g and ended up liking that a ton more because it moves it more to a legit nornish name.

Oh and my druid's bristleback is named Gatling, because I had to.

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While I can see why some people prefer "immersive" rp-names, I greatly enjoy naming my characters after game-related stuff and honestly most of those names took me hours, days or weeks to find/settle on.In my opinion names are a big and important part of the fashion wars meta.

Some examples:Fractal Spoon - Sylvari Mesmer (my main fractal character from before HoT-times, collecting fractal spoons was something I and many others greatly enjoyed back when there were no broken ones)Visual Noise - Sylvari Mirage (I think there is no spec that can create a bigger visual mess than a mirage)Underwater Content - Sylvari Holosmith (my second main character, sadly I barely played it since the mesmer-phantasm rework - I greatly enjoy underwater content and engi was always a strong underwater spec)Revive Orb - Asura Scrapper (the name dates back to the days when scrapper was meta in pvp and is quite self explanatory)Harvesting Sickle - Asura Thief (before we got mounts this was my go-to harvesting character)Racial Elite Skill - Human Thief (this one dates back to the condi-daredevil era; Avatar of Melandru with its pulsing immobilize was a strong damage increase on thief.)Damage Increase - Sylvari Elementalist (despite having been an elementalist main for the first quarter of my overall gw2-playtime I still cannot handle how broken eles were in the past)Shrouded Thingy - Asura Necromancer (okay this is an exception, but she is a cute little asura)Fractal Chopsticks - Revenant (credit for that goes to a stranger that suggested it during a fractal pug, shortly after the HoT announcement)

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Aridanna ~ Norn Tempest, i like the name.Kasia Rostov ~ Norn Condi Soulbeast, name i have used many time before and most of my normal pool of names were unavailableKasife Vynneve ~ Norn Warrior, If at all possible when i am making a character i'll name them Kasife (Was a Engineer originally when i started back in 2013 and reused when i deleted that character when i came back and actually played or more than a week after realizing that i hated engineer with a passion and before i found out that old characters were a good thing to have...)

Myurella ~ Sylvari Dragonhunter, you know how hard it is to find a one word plant related name in a established MMO. I found a type of Siberian Moss and then later also found its also a type of sea snail

Emra Caliope ~ Asura Mesmer, named for one of my Skirmishers from Xcom2Anda Bokta ~ Asura Scrapper, named for one of my Skirmishers from Xcom2 (in relation to the above i found that Scrapper made engineers playable)Katara Voidwalker ~ Asura Revenant, named after my Starfinder Vexvex Mystic and it seemed appropriateKhepra Vixx ~ Asura Power Soulbeast, i liked the sound of it and was another KV

Caitlin Walsh ~ Human Thief, Named and styled after my most favorite solider from my Xcom2 Roster. Shame humans cant have tattoos.Lexia Ciannor ~ Human Firebrand

Leiftur Coghorn ~ Charr Necomancer

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Most of my character names are created to please the only two beings that matter as far as names go -- myself, and the ANet GM's who check for ToS violations. More of them are nods to characters from other games, video, PnP. etc.

The Darkmoon Sisters (humans)Indigo (Warrior): Indigo was my Ventrilo handle in several games, including Guild Wars.Invidia (Reaper): from the Latin for "Envy"Whisper (Soulbeast): she's quietWhy Darkmoon? I guess I must have been in a phase where, "Dark was the new dark" back in summer 2012.

PnP RP charactersDomino Faraday (human Renegade) a PC from a Champions campaignSigil of Silverhome (Norn Chrono) an NPC from a Star Wars gameMachs Nix (human elementalist) an NPC from a Champions game (also a bit part character from a Borderlands short story -- no, not the recent video game, the last century urban fantasy series)Lotus Infinite (human necromancer): a background character from the Aberrant RPGSiobahn Ainslie (human thief): a PC from a Forgotten Realms gameNeveah Graywing (human Firebrand) a mashup of a character given name from a Champions game and a surname from the Exordium (a 5-book sci-fi epic)Nikki Free (human Mirage): a PC from a weird homebrew Dreamlands PnP game

OthersScarlyng (human Scourge): a character name from RappelzRaven De Winter: nods to Raven from Teen Titans and Milady de Winter from 3 Musketeers.Illwynde (Norn ranger): based on the old saying, "An ill wind blows no one any good."Indigo Sundown (human thief) another nod to my vent handle, and to my GW2 handleBlue of the Heavens (Sylvari Tempest): from Allium Caeruleum, an ornamental bulbous plant of the onion genus

I know that Sylvari have Celtic-sounding names in the lore, but I preferred giving them plant-derived names. I had a second Sylvari once I called Heather Foxglove -- though that one is history now (deleted without thought to the birthday reward ramifications, alas.)

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If you like your toons' names then that's what matters. cx Some may make me go 'o.O Wat?' and some may make me crack up but if they work for ya, great! I personally like having lore-based toon names since I come up with my own stories for them all. Generally, I prefer to have the proper spellings of their names if applicable but alas, a lot of names have been taken so I had to make some adjustments to some. Some of my toons' names I like the most are Raltyr Firetrail (charr tempest), Keesyn (sylvari soulbeast), Aoifeah (necro reaper), Asiri Kabbara (elonian human weaver), Armand the Lunatic (krytan human dragonhunter - also nuttier than a fruitcake), Ruairih (sylvari mirage - even nuttier than Armand; also the one that annoys me the most since I can't get his properly spelled name or any variants) and Jaarit (asuran deadeye).

Usually during the toon creation process, I have to have at least some idea of what they're like/their history, I spend about 30 minutes determining what their physical features are like. Then I'll sometimes spend just as long deciding on a name. XD

Of course, then there's my brother in law. Who has toon names like Keep It Ranged (ranger ofc) and Keep it Melee for the pet. LOL

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To many accounts to post all, but a few that stand out for meBlack Starfang: Charr RangerSteve the Horror: Norn Guardian, named after the beloved labyrinth boss. Sports the Chainsaw Greatsword and imbiggening tonic.The Orrian : Human Guardian, was made to be a reclaimed Risen using Inquest tech.Emperor Greyskull Norn RevenantGrape Nuttz Sylvari Engineer, name is a play on the cereal

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Oh, you're going to hate me.

Ninijatt - Asuran Mesmer : This is my main, this is the name I've used in games since 2008(Along with Magek) and its just stuck with me since. It is a combination of both ninja and cat. The character I assigned this name to is designed to be the best representation of myself but since I couldn't make a character that looked like me, I made one that "feels" like me. I may not be a black, blue eyed goblin monster but my closest friends have all taken one look at my character and said "Yup, that's you alright!". He has my "soul" for a lack of a better term and is worthy of the Ninijatt name.

Pants Destructor - Norn Ranger: It is what it sounds like.

Temporary Mist Babe - Norn Revenant : I'm currently looking for a new class to play after mesmer was gutted and turned into something I no longer have fun playing. It is what it sounds like, a character I'm using just to try out the class and will be deleted when I'm done. Also, Dio Brando was taken.

Third Bomb - Charr Engineer : Because Yoshikage Kira was taken and having a cat-like character that uses explosions with the title "Killer Queen" was too good to pass up.

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Yeah I'm quite awful at coming up with names as well to be fair. I love seeing smart or lore-interesting or punny names around the place but I can rarely come up with anything good myself, and when I do it usually takes me hours if not days to settle on a decision. It's led me to having a fairly stable list of favourites to draw on that I've used across various different games/rpg systems.

Norn: I tend to go for Irish names for them rather than Norse, because it's the mythology I'm most familiar with and to me it suits them more than it suits Sylvari (who tend to speak in poncy English accents which just feels wrong to me heh, may be acceptable for the Fenian Cycle which is closer to Arthurian but definitely not for the Ulster/Mythological cycles which are my favourites). My Norn characters so far are Scáthach Ildánach (Scáthach being the legendary warrior woman who trained Cú Chulainn, and Ildánach meaning multitalented) and Miach Morgtha (Miach being the son of the god of healing in the old Irish pantheon, who was killed by his dad in a jealous rage over how knowledgeable he was in the healing arts. He kept healing himself of the damage dealt and his dad kept trying harder and harder to kill him until the final blow finally cut Miach's brain in half. And Morgtha meaning rotten, the idea being that he eventually managed to come back even from that death blow but it took him so long that his body started to decay).

They're probably the most interesting, the rest of my names are either combinations of different character names that I like and feel are fitting;Chade Carter, Markhal Fallstar (Chade Fallstar being a character from Robin Hobb's Farseer trilogies, Markhal I just like and have used for a long time, Carter for Samantha Carter in Stargate haha!)or are names combined with titles;Rakshasa Raja, Rakshasi Rani, Raksha Khan (my Charr characters, I've loved the name Raksha ever since reading the Jungle Book when I was a child)Domina Zahra, Justicar Samara (my GW1 spiritualist's name combined with a title that seemed fitting for a mesmer, plus Mass Effect)

(Oh, and in case anyone's curious, my forum name comes from horribly misremembering what Radagast the Brown's name was in LotR one day haha!)

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