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[ExG] The Exiled Gentlemen Social Guild [EU] based banter guild for all chaps and chapettes !


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If you’ve found this post, it means you are probably looking for a guild or community of sorts. Am I psychic? Well no, not entirely (and if anyone says different they are lying), but I am what is known as an Exiled Gentleman.

The Exiled Gentlemen (ExG) is a multi-game community which is built upon the timber (metaphorical trees of course) of a group of gamers wanting to share our evenings together over various titles. The multitude of moments, both funny, dramatic and downright awe-inspiring video games can provide us with we believe is, a feast best enjoyed with friends. Don’t let the name fool you though, whether you’re an upstanding lady, or gent, all are welcome.

We see ourselves as a voice-focused community since we’re all bantering about on discord during our play-sessions, we don’t condemn typing in chats but if you see yourself more as a writer than a speaker then we might not be the place for you. We also like to see our members be of the age eighteen or preferable older, no exceptions, since we often reach various topics which might not be kid-friendly during our banters.

We are not so strict on the content we do in-game, be it PvE, PvP or random open world shenanigans, you can often find some of us there. We’ve recently started with doing a bit of raid training, though it's just one group once a week for now so there is no reason to join just for this. We’ve got some plans ahead for WvW as well, on a smaller scale for now and when the Alliance updates hits (Soon™) we’re gonna focus on it more. We also dabble in other games apart from GW2, which you can read more about on our lovely website (see below)

So, if you’ve read this far and this sounds right up your alley, where do we go from here? It is very easy my friend, steer your boat to our website which you can find @ https://www.exiledgentlemen.co.uk/ and you can either treat yourself to some light reading to find out more about us or navigate yourself straight to the “Join Us Button”. This will take you to a small sign up form where all you have to do is doodle down some general information about yourself so we can get a picture of who you are and if you’re a good fit for us (don’t worry, very rarely does someone get declined and you don’t have to write a 5 page essay, A+ though if you do).

If you’d like to contact us straight away you can hit me up on discord @ SamSam#0781 or in-game @ Fieldburn.2810. If you think I’m too slow in getting back to you can also try to reach @ Dave#3717 on discord.

Thank you

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