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Frostfang Collection 2's NPC have the wrong text = crafting the wrong collection items

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Frostfang collection 2, when you talk to the NPC, she said you need to craft a Honed Axe Blade and Weighted Haft

When I crafted them they did not register, so I checked the achievement, it actually needs a Weighted Axe Blade and a Balanced Axe Haft :astonished:

Please fix the NPC texts, so others wont run into the same issue in the future

PS: will be nice if cs can swap out the wrong items for the correct items, or refund the mats please, so i can recraft the correct items, thanks ;)an improvement i can suggest is to separate gen1 and gen2 into two separate sections in the crafting list instead of bunch them into a single section??? which will help players not accidentally crafting the wrong one even if the texts are wrong?


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