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Wdy think is next in the row?

Jack Redline.5379

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We god patch on Tuesday.Which thief aspect you think will be ''buffed'' or nerfed this time?Lets have fun here. The one who guesses it correctly wins.Winner gains one random pointless + respect on Thief forum xD

My guess isEdless Stamina from Acrobatics is gonna get ''buffed'' this way = you get 5% boon duration and 5% Vigor and Swiftness duration instead of current effect =

The effects of vigor on you are enhanced. Gain bonus concentration.

 Miscellaneous effect.png Effectiveness Increased: 50% Attribute bonus.png Concentration: +240

And Imo the nerf is gonna go to Endurance Thief from Daredevil = The skill is gonna get 5 sec CD instead of current =

Gain endurance when you successfully steal from an enemy.

 Miscellaneous effect.png Endurance Gained: 50

As far as weapons go i think we gonna get ''buff'' for Shadow shot = From now on it will be blockable but it will braek stun and its cost is going to be improved do 5 ini

And we are gonna get nerf for Wild Strike = The endurance gain will be removed.

Keep them comming. I am going to grab some popcorn :D

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Swindler's equilibrium will reduce the cool down of Steal by a quarter of a second and have a one second cool down. Due to a bug, it will retain the twenty second cool down in PvP and WvW.

Instant reflexes will probably be turned into two seconds of protection as punishment for being popular.

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