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Returning player advice: Help me pick a new character?


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Hi all,

I played GW2 from Beta Weekend for about a year. I do not have either expansion yet, but I plan to get them. I have a couple of questions....

  1. I have a level 80 Guardian from a long time ago. I have been hearing about specializations and the increased flexibility in what character you play. Is there a more pure healer (similar to a cleric in some other games)? I remember that many do not like the more pure healer, but I have always really liked playing a support role that makes other teammates better. Is there a profession/specialization/build that you would recommend for either a pure healer or a good support player in groups?
  2. I have heard that we can now make a druid character (with building specializations). Is there a source here that can show a player that is not generally very good at games how to make and play one well?
  3. Does anyone know of a "role player" server?Any help is greatly appreciated...:)

Thank you!William

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That spec of guardian called Firebrand comes with PoF. Now it depends on the gear and traits you go with. It can be pure healer, can be healer that buffs and can be DPS that buffs it's up to you.

Druid is specialization of ranger from HoT, here are some build and general play tips https://metabattle.com/wiki/MetaBattle_Wiki for every profession there is, some might change in nearest future as we got couple of waves of nerf/buffs recently.

Server doesn't matter here, region does. Megaserver allows you to play and roleplay with anyone on the region NA or EU. Not a roleplayer myself but i heard NA has bigger RP community.

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