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Shard of Spero


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I got a tip recently because these shards are very expensive to make. You need a lot of wood and mithril. The tip is to make different shards instead for one-handed weapons. I picked the shards of liturgy. Why? Because they require a lot less wood and mithril. What you can then do when you make 100 of those shards is use them in the mystic toilet to convert to 75 shards of spero by getting https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Enormous_Chest_of_Legendary_Shards

Even though you get only 75 back for the 100 you made, because they are a lot cheaper to make it still is cheaper to do it this way. The math is as follows:1 shard of liturgy takes 20 mithril ingots and 10 elder wood planks. It also requires 15 mithril ingots and 10 elder wood planks because of the curio that you have to make for it. So that is a total of 35 mithril ingots and 20 elder wood planks. If you then make a 100 of them it means 3500 mithril ingots and 2000 elder wood planks. These 100 you can then turn into 75 shards of spero.

Now if you compare that to making 75 shards of spero directly then you are looking at 15 mithril ingots and 10 elder wood planks for the curio but then you need 40 mithril ingots and 30 elder wood planks for the shard of spero recipe. That means 55 mithril ingots and 40 elder wood planks total. That means to create 75 shards of spero the normal way it takes 4125 mithril ingots and 3000 elder wood planks total.

So using the conversion way you save 625 mithril ingots and 1000 elder wood planks. Please note that for Exitus you need 30, for Doctrina you need 60, for Spero you need 100 and for Pharus you need another 100. So a total of 290. Doing the conversion trick means you do it 4 times to get 300 and save an incredible amount of wood and mithril.

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