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Judgment Ignores Roleplay?


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Eh... yes and no, and even then, it depends on the race. For humans you get your social class and a handful of old acquaintances, for asura you get your college, mentor, and current krewe, and for charr you get your legion and current warband, but none of those comes even close to painting a coherent picture of your upbringing. That takes filling in the space for yourself. Norn get nothing except 'I had a vision of this one spirit as a kid'. Sylvari are the only ones where we're given a complete(ish) picture, and that's because the sylvari PC doesn't have a past before the start of the game.

It probably is true that early personal story will never have a sizable impact going forward, since we were all melded into one Commander way back at launch, but even before that there was nothing that touched on love life or roleplay outside of the main stories. That ball is firmly in the court of the individual players, and it's always been seperate from the story that ANet writes.

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