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griffon jumping/gliding problems? try this:


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if you are like me and trying to get the griffon mount, but you mount one and it does not seem to work, then keep reading cause i found a solution that might help you.

problem: when i got on my griffon and tried to jump/glide or dodge, it did not do anything.solution: to fix this, i changed the dodge and jump keybinds back to 'v' for dodge and spacebar for jump.

i use spacebar as dodge usually, because its easier to hit in a stressful situation, and thus i use the v key to jump. in other words, i had the keybinds reversed. all other mounts seemed to work perfectly fine with these alternative keybinds, yet the griffon seems to suffer a bit. if you have the same or similar keybind situation, you probably have the same problem. you can swap them to the default keys temporarily until they fix the problem, so you can at least reach those pesky eggs that you otherwise can not get to :p .

happy Easter,Cytos

ps. i also posted a similar post in the bug report forum, and also submitted a ticket. but since my information also contains a temporary solution i figured i'd post it in the "players helping players" forum as well

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