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[EU][PvX] Looking for an active guild


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I'm looking for an active guild.To make things easier, here's what i'm looking for and what i'm offering in return:

  • Looking For: An EU guild with active playersOffering:

    • I'm on UNDERWORLD [EU]
    • I mostly play alone ( this is the reason i don't have a guild ), but i do want to get into more group content like Raids and WvW (GvG when the get released)
    • I like to think of myself as a friendly player, i rarely get angry and never rage or flame ( 20 wipes? no problem, lets regroup and try again :+1: )
    • I have an active real life, so it's hard for me to join "unplanned" events. But as long as they are planned i can be there. (or at least notify officers so that a replacement can be found)
    • 1092 hours of playtime
    • can 100% represent the guild
  • Looking For: Regular scheduled PvE content ( raids / guild missions )Offering:

    • When i register for a raid, i always come on time and prepared for the raid
    • I have some experience in gw2 raiding (around 40LI)
    • I don't expect to be carried. When i join a raid i try to carry my own weight. I check the tactics online before we start, i make sure my dmg output / sustain is competitive.
    • I currently play a Necromancer ( i have gear for all 3 meta specs, power Reaper, condi Scourge, healing Scourge ). I am willing to pick up another class to fill a specific role in group content if nobody else is willing to.
  • Looking For: PvP playersOffering:

    • My favorite part of the game is PvP, i play a lot of conquest.
    • My rating is somewhere between Gold 3 and Plat 1 ( depends on season, and the class i'm currently playing )
    • I am looking forward for GvGs so i would like to get a head start and make sure i'm with a guild that will be active in this area of the game.
    • I would like to find some friendly players willing to learn and train with me for 2v2s and premade conquest.

If you think i'm a fit for your guild, give me a shout or an ingame mail at Twoshots.9457

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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