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Getting Your Second Character to the Crystal Desert

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There are five ways to get your second (and subsequent) toons to the Crystal Desert:

  • Obvious: Repeat the initial story (listen to Kiel, again; put out fires over & over again, again; etc).
  • Luxury: Deluxe/Ultimate edition owners can use the Lily of Elon pass (those who own vanilla PoF can upgrade for the cost of 2000 2400 gems).
  • Amicus Curiae: use a Teleport to Friend gizmo to reach someone already on the map.
  • Walk on Gilded Splinters: Exit from Winswept Haven. (Requires being a member of a guild that resides in the Desert.)
  • Sneaky: Completing the story once unlocks a quest chain to unlock a fifth mount. The first NPC in the chain provides you with an account-bound gizmo that includes the ability to teleport any character to the NPC.

Additional TipsThe same WP is auto-unlocked for everyone in each zone and it's the one at the 'start' of the zone as you proceed traditionally. That means if you teleport to Vabbi (true for the last two methods and could be true for the third), you can easily unlock all but one of the other zones. Simply use the single available WP in the zone and walk (North) across the border. This allows even an L20 character to reach the Amnoon Oasis.

Side note: I've posted this separately because (a) people keep asking about how to do this (in game, here, and in other 'forums') & (b) it's mostly lost in complaint threads. I thought it would be useful to separate the tip from the commentary. For those who still want to critique ANet (or defend the design decision to gate characters behind the story), please visit one of the existing threads, e.g. that one over yonder.

Correction: thanks to @Inculpatus cedo.9234, I've corrected the cost of PoF's Deluxe Upgrade to 2.4k; the reduced cost applies only to the Classic game &mdash the PoF & HoT Deluxe upgrades cost more.

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@"Inculpatus cedo.9234" said:I'm afraid you are mistaken on the Gem cost of upgrading to Deluxe for Path of Fire. The cost is 2400 Gems.


Otherwise, lovely informative post. :mrgreen:

Oh whoops, I'll fix that. I searched for the Deluxe which popped up "Digital Deluxe Upgrade" which is indeed 2k gems... but that's not very relevant for PoF or even HoT Deluxe upgrades, which are indeed 2.4k.

Thanks for the correction.

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