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No-Fun Achievements


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I like achievements system overall (though Im tired of 2+ hours 1 AP achievements).Lunar New Year isnt my favourite time of the year as my country doesn't really celebrate it, but Im glad its in the game. The more holidays the merrier right?

I really enjoy achievements like getting gold in an adventure, finishing the race in X time or in X time without mount, finding something on the map etc. I think they're a little bit challenging and fun - some more some less,depends on what activity you prefer.

What I hate are these boring repetitive achievements. Can we please stop getting them? Some people like to collect all available AP - a lot of people.For example achievement -> Light up 300 fireworks (you can get up to 25 AP by repeating it 5 times).Can anyone honestly say lighting up 1500 fireworks is fun?Even if it's supposed to be gold sink, I don't feel like spamming "equip firework" + "1" 1500 times.I don't feel like I'm achieving anything by this, besides maybe finger pain and frustration.I'd like to never get achievements like that in game again.

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