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Invisibility on monster and boss in fractal

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Good evenings,

I just had an horrible experience with the new fractal Siren's Reef and its last boss. It tooks many retries and accumulating a LOT OF FRUSTRATION.

The problem is that none of the monster/mob/bird (yeah thank you the new instability) were visible for most of us in the party. And on this fractal i'm safe to say that at some point you can have more than 10-15-20 monsters on a small area.

It's not a new bug and it's really RUINS the experience and the fun of playing the game.

References :https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/54621/please-look-into-invisible-fractal-bosseshttps://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/54575/invisible-enemies-in-fractalshttps://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/48988/fractal-bug-everyone-boss-adds-turns-invisiblehttps://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/56559/about-the-invisible-instabilityhttps://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/52177/twilight-oasis-invisible-high-priestess-amalahttps://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/22610/shattered-observatory-invisible-missing-characters

I had this bug for months, most of time it was okey because boss doesn't move much or don't have too much adds (I kill Ark, MaiTrin, The Voice and probably other that i don't even recall with this bug on). But today was too much ...I don't even see any repsonse for this bug that start at least from July last year ...

On the bug itself : i redownloaded the whole client yesterday because of another frequent bug since haloween (crash while creating instance, but never while joining... Is it linked ? Maybe because the log of the crash mention that it coud'nt load some model).The bug is : I can't see the model of the monster. BUT i can see their health bar at their INITIAL popup position. As you can seen in attachement.http://www.hostpic.org/images/1901230315160109.jpg

Thank you for at least a reply, because none of the previous thread got one.

Not happy and (at the moment) angry customerDiamant Brut.

PS : sorry for the broken english, but it's not my native language.

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There are multiple bugs in fractals atm, and they are somehow connected to character race/gender ("cough" fractal bugs are racist/sexist "cough")

  • Bug Number 1: The invisible enemies bug.This bug is aperenty connected to elementalists, since it seems to only occur when you have an elementalist in the party. Some people are saying it has a connection to ride the lightning skill ? Cannot confirm this, but seems to be happening only while having an elementalist in the party (from my memory)
  • Bug Number 2: Viirastra dissapearsAnother class specific bug. After the first CC phase Viirasta just... dissapears.. gone. This seems to happen only happen when having a revenant in a party. To be more precise, a revenant that is using Ventari legend, and using the tablet.
  • Bug Number 3: Male characters unable to moveThis bug happens in Twilight Oasis fractal. After fighting Amala for the first time. When you defeat her, if your group does "/gg". After people respawn, everyone should be able to move, except if you're a male character (???). Now regarding this, im not sure which is corrent, if everyone should be able to move, or noone (since that "transformation" is going on) but at the moment, it depends on your gender, which is extremly wierd.
  • Extra bug: Sometimes Mistlock Singularity doesn't reset cooldowns, this is a wierd one, since i never experience it, yet one of my friends keeps experiencing it over and over again (mainly in 99CM, on chrono). Zero idea whats up with this one.
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@Nath Forge Tempete.1645 I don't think it's linked to the number of monster. Because on some fractal like 100 with ark he's nearly alone the whole fight. Still he goes invisible...It's just that this time it was frustrating to not able to follow any monster unless looking at where your damage are or following minion.

@Glider.5792 I wasn't aware that it could be connected with elementalist. When i'm doing fractals i always run with a friend which always play elementalist... And i'm pretty sure that she is the only one who could still see monsters. Because everytime i had the bug she didn't get it (and she never had the bug) but others party members did.That's an interesting lead...

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