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Post your Mesmer pics here

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Thats my mesmer. I created her shortly before the PoF leaks. The idea was to create a noble krytan mesmer wich has family roots back to elona wich travells around on the serach for powefull magical artifacts. So also i want her to give a more treveller like look. Colours are build around the guild backpack wich imo comes closest to a travellers backpack. Also i don't like to much shiny effects on my chars.


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Is it me, or are there no images being displayed in these posts? Just URLs pointing toward the "external link warning" page? I don't know you guys. It might not be time to start another one of these threads. This is pitiful. By the time they get it up and running you might not even be able to edit your posts with the correct markdown if the code changes...

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